Tuesday, March 05, 2013

wave aft wave

UT 3 and drug test are over, it's worth the celebration, but I always have this burden that it's still not over~

Yesterday night, went to drink w huiyuan and guys, nxt day I found myself depressed because, there is FYP still left to do~ the research part. I feel like buying my A4 sized log book soon because, I used my secondary sch's jotter book and wrap it, I think it would not be enough to record the entry. 

Nowadays I found myself workaholic. hahaha, dinner with my boy soon :D since he is having attachment, I shall meet him always! 

This is my to do list for today:

To do list
What I want to do

Buy log book


Update log book


Dinner with family

Saturday, March 02, 2013



This could be my CNY photo, wore nothing fancy (those fake spectacles is not mine)
Few days back, I have been studying a list drug, which consist of 43 of them.. within these 3 days I need to finish all of them.

I split them up, with 15 drug each day, just spent the whole day memorizing them..

I realize that, my brain are limited, I have bad memory..only 7 each day is being absorbed. Today is the last day, I have to catch up memorizing all of them; the remaining (even it have to cost me burn midnight oil)

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2012 (Full Show HD)

Never been so addicted

after so many yearsssss

Btw this yr, I am already 19yrs old. (when I am blogging regularly, I am like 15yrs?)

Ohhmygoshh, after 2 yrs since the last post, I still rmb my password. 

hahahhaha, i am back alive, now that blogger is an old school thing, I still want to continue my journey~of old school blogging~ I still cannot believe I can log it back..

Well I went to tumblr, didn't blog much, which is much easier to use, however, this blog is my past and a part of history, I do not want to discontinue, when I look back maybe 10yrs back, I will be thinking why am I so noob (maybe 10 yrs time --> noob word is ohbiang)

So after the last post, I went on with Eugene, had many of my first..

Today is the 3 of march, 1 more month it will be going 2 years with him. I am really lucky to find a guy like him, even though I hate his flaws; but who is perfect? I have flaws too and he is totally cool with it. I am just afraid that we will be enemy in the future. 

These 2 years have been a quieter year for me, I only enjoy the company of the close friends; Hester and YungYung; Naz while Joan is drifted away. Not much of conflicts, just that in Poly friends come and go, people that stick to you to the end are keepers, there is this special girl that are a keeper and I will cherish her, I can't believe when she said that she wants to go auzzie, I feel extremely sad. yeah Dithusha, my indian girl. 

I love indians, they are warm hearted and least selfish people, apart from malay. My good friends didn't change. Just due to attachments, we didn't meet much (but kept in each person's heart all the time)

End off with my recent pics. Short hair for going 2 years. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

You slowly take away my bitterness and fill it up with sweetness. Though I am risking my heart again.. Is it my loneliness that made my heart stray around? I don't want another guy on my heartbreaking list. I don't want to miss anyone, I don't want to wait for message. The worst is I don't want to feel sad and disappointed again and again...

Friday, March 18, 2011

回憶越是甜 就是 越傷人了
越是在 手心留下 密密麻麻 深深淺淺 的刀割


dance my night away~

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today sang kbox. Realise i haven even forget you. lol. typical teens uh? your impact is too great on me. Ha. I have been vulgar.. Need to playyyyy! holiday ending ):