Saturday, October 31, 2009

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Night Safari.
Ytd sch as usual,but its th last day of sch hahaa, not for sec3, played water games. realize that girls can be evil, O.o. after that went home to bathe,change clothes, eat dinner den went out. went night safari with yung, ster, euroy n calvin. hahaa, Jess work there(:@ 8a.m suppose to meet them, i was late, yung also. den alight @ southview meet hester first. late for i think about 15 min. denn went to mac wait for yung. den hester dad brought us there, really thx hester!;D reach thr @ 9 ++, went in ppl in the counter dress like bloody nurse or patient, some even went walking around scaring ppl, LOL. yung so cute, kena scare until, almost by all th ghost. then we went to walk around to reach to the bridge of no return. that time was drizzling, den we walked very long still cant get to that bridge. siannzzz thought 22 dollar kena scam, cos they say the thing raining not operating. but we went see the props, den after that the thing all resume, the fun part begin. HAH, but the journey is tooo short. hahaaa, i kena scare by the mummy that wear sport shoe, he go hide at the tree behind, i was walking with yung den Rawwwww, i jump, yung sceam, LOLOL! so high tec and the Aladdin that come scare me when i was engross with ppl doin fish spa. den we went around taking picture with those ppl that dress up to scare ppl. den went rest while @ th zebraa bar. thenn walk backk n took cab back, den yung send me home, they even send me to my lift, really thx yung! ;D

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