Friday, October 16, 2009

Yeahhh, ytd went sentosa, hahah, it was damn funn! great hang out with all my sister, Yungyung, Hester, Joan. i really cherish them;D yung will find it gay if i say this to her, hahah! we went there around 2 plus, den went toilet change, den went to siloso beach! yeah. we went into the sea play water, LOL. Joan haven come that time she got dance, so we went sentosa first. At first i dun want to enter into water cos i scared drown cos i cant really swim, awww. Den yung n ster went to pull me in the more deeper part. OMG, i scared the sea bed cos i cant see my feet!! tden scarely got fish or step until the fish shit so LOL!, its like so damn creepy! den they went to swim till the other side of the coast. got one part yung went to take sea weed throw at me, yucks. hahah, but we have lot of fun. den we bury each other in the sand, After that, went to eat, hahah, saw many peacock, Hester n me went to take picture with it. we saw snakes, tortoise n stingray we went walk around. Den went to the castle thing;D play the water. it was 6+, went to meet Joan, :D den went back to the beach it was quite dark, i intented to see sunset. But missed it, ): hahah, den playplayplay. time to wash up! haha, took monorail back met some people from india, ;D hahah! they are great! took pictures with them, hahaa, the tourist say take picture with them must pay $. LOL. after that, we went to eat abit;D tired liao, went home! ;D
Today Joan dance, graduation night. WAH, she look so chio men, omgosh! got the electricity lehh, so proud of her, LOL. Mindy n luwei went thr, LOL. so surprise to see them. sec 4 classes have all the mortage. omgosh. if i m graduating confirm will cry one, if got prom night confirm more worst! hahah, den got teachers go act in gorilla, rat, Mickey, elmo, so cutee! esp the gorilla, hahah, still can break dance, den after that yung, ster, me went to give joan flower n chocolate. hahah! we went to have dinner. ;D saw sally sng with her kids. we went follow. O.o den afer that went home.

lazy update pic(:
keep the smile like you do in the past

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