Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hey people,
The weather has been terrifying at my place for past few weeks i guess? some times the temperature is hot, some times raining, cold and now... i am sick!
it started off with a minor flu, den my bad habit of not drinking water frequently, hahaha, all this small things accumulated and yeah, now that i m sick, cough, itchy
throat. the feeling is terrible. I just pray that it wouldn't get more serious to the extend of fever. ohh no. but thank God, i m feeling better day by day. :P alright, enough of crapping. <: Saturday: competition at common wealth sec, haha, its kindda tiring cos the competition started quite early. Den later on, i need to rush to church.(: meet ups at 8.30 a.m, some introductions. boring. went there with,Grace, Genevieve, yilin, corrina, keepa, jeslyn, srry if i miss out any names, but i think that's all. we talk among ourself, the introduction is seriously way too boring. thumbs down. after that, yilin, jeslyn keepa, and us (gene, corrina, grace, me) separated. okayy, den its the competition; well didn't win. aft that, i m meeting hester.
she went to church, woo! yeahh! the service is abit special. damn, i missed the first part. dinosaur, Noah's ark, hahah, den cellgroup at mindy's hous
e (:
nn tmr i will be out for...

GG Chalet, 24- 26 nov. i wont be around so..
dun miss me okay? lols.
hope i m well <: i shall post something random:

yes, its Chris Daughtry. <:
omg, i still miss you
after all the things you have done.
i hate you, i love you.
idk wad is all this shit feeling...

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