Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hello there,
Today went for makeup competition which is under cosmetic n perfumary science in SP, omgs, nearly forgotten about it. hahah, last min just bomb some clothes. n makeup was provided. meet yihui first, try out clothes. hahah, she is my model, she is perfect :D denn, went buy some face sticker. grace, sien came, followed by yung. den met lian cheng, keby, zizhao den took mrt thr. saw my primary sch friend n church friend thr, they participating too(: hahah, den attended talks, super siann. denn, they start the makeup thing. some ppl thr are CRAZY wear the clothes so funnyyy!--> dancing clothes i think, O.o but it suit th theme(: aft that, went for refreshment, while others took picture. hahah. den aft that took mrt back with yung, she went lakeside, den i went home.

Shan very funnyy! HAHAH this vid i have seen long time ago,
" i never fight an ugly man, he have nth to lose" Woah.
LOL. i feel like a kid when i enter SP.

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