Saturday, January 02, 2010

Today is a tiring day. Hester went to my church! Today when mindy said that my fringe grew, Yes! i was thinking.. hahaha, maybe wasn't deceiving myself. I have made a bold and impossible request from God today and i am serious about it. I really got to pray hard study hard this year. i believe that God can do the extraordinary, yes i am deciding to put my faith into it and also rely on God this year. But firstly i need to be discipline enough. less computer for now, my main purpose on com will be blogging.. i will be a good student from the begining of school, no more latecomings. ( i hope ), i will want to keep low profile. haha. So... seeya, and have fun for last few days of holidays, actually is only one day. Miss all mondays, hahaha.

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