Friday, July 23, 2010

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Hello, today is a pretty boring day. hahahaha
but i actually stay out damn long from morning to late at night with my school uniform. ): its friday and i have finish 2 math paper, wooohooo, its an achievement to me. Now is amath and chem! :D

Today's lesson is quite short, but i lazy to go back home, so i stayed in school and slack at art room. Just remember how putri show me a video about old people clubbing, its so funny lah, can't stop laughing.

After that went over to hester's place, eat dinner at her place, omg so nice of her parents. Its awkward though. But reallyreally thank her.

And during tuition, Jerald talk alot of shit to the teacher, then make me laugh like mad luh. crap guy! After that went over to meet amos together with hester.. anyway.

Happy birthday amos!

17 already, don't be so naughty k, wish you happy and goodluck, thanks for everything.

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