Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good mood.

hahaha, on national day, fireworks at cck, saw a super cute girl :D anyway i tried mouse hunt at facebook, its quite fun, the best part is its not addictive and you can leave the account for as long as you like!

taken by Esther
Today, i am having a good mood although nothing is on today. Olvl chinese result is coming out soon, i am super duper nervous and mostly excited for it! Nowadays, i don't know why i don't feel like dressing up all that. But i feel peaceful and happy and motivated. I believe that the credit goes to God, I trust in him and i believe he will direct my way, i do my best. Last time i used to be worried but God really use people to tell me to trust in him and he will direct my way. I feel that i am full of energy now, i shall not serve the net further.. ok i am off to doing my work. :D prelim is in 7day time. Jiayou Evan, you can do it!

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