Thursday, August 12, 2010


i am set free and happy, don't destroy my peace!
Today is chinese prelim, i wasn't interested to do the paper. Past few days i have been experiencing insomnia. gosh, its really quite bad. i can't sleep! I tossed around my bed, i think alot. i should be thinking about prelim tomorrow yet i was thinking of something else that i should never ever be thinking of. i was thinking about those nightmares that i once went through? I promise myself it will never ever happen again.

plus... i having having running nose. It seems that my sickness aren't completely healed. now i think that what is blissful to me is a peaceful sleep through the night! Once again i would like to thank God for giving me this peace. I also pray that my olvl will go well because i have been working really hard at it.

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