Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Study days.

Sistersss!♥♥♥ me, hester
Yesterday,planned to with Hester, Yung, Natasha ,we went to eat first.

My close friend natasha! ♥♥
sistersss!♥♥♥ hester, yung, me
Yung met sai to eat first, i came. soon, hester and natasha came. Jalal came, then went home.

Yung went back. Sai went home, and came back w Kishan.
did some geog work, natasha and kishan went back home. after that, hester's going for tuition, but we slacked for a while (: at roof top.

sai, me, hester!♥♥♥

Sai! (:

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